Call for Papers


International Symposium, New Issues on Teacher Education

May 9-11, 2013, Hacettepe University, Ankara-TURKEY

Dear Teacher Educators and Educational Scientists,

We would like to invite you to take part in International Symposium, New Issues on Teacher Education (ISNITE’2013) which will be held at May 9-11, 2013 at HacettepeUniversityin Ankara/ Turkey. The main goal of ISNITE’2013 is to encourage interaction among researchers, practitioners and teacher educators. We aim to create a warm environment where participants share both theoretical and practical perspectives in the field of teacher education. ISNITE’2013 will provide the participants an excellent opportunity to keep up with the latest developments in teacher education and collectively create a foundation for future studies in this field. The theme of symposium is determined as “New Issues on Teacher Education”.

  • Teacher Education Policies and Practices
    • Teacher education policies and practices in different countries
  • Changing World and Teacher Qualities/Standards
    • Generic competences of teachers
    • Specific (professional/vocational)competences of teachers
    • Teachers’ competences related to the use of technology
    • Standards in the profession of teaching
  • Pre-Service Education of Teachers
    • Different trends in teacher education programs
    • Accreditation in teacher education
    • Quality in teacher education: Issues of measurement
    • Alternative programs for teacher education
  • In-Service Education of Teachers
    • Professional development problems of teachers and different approaches to them
    • Integration of Information and communication technologies with programs
    • Distant education practices in teachers’ professional development
    • Different approaches to the professional development of teachers: Problems and solutions
  • Problems of Teachers and Teacher Educators
    • The role of research in teacher education
    • The emergence of teacher communities as part of the changing world of teachers and teacher educators.

Participants can prepare their papers either in Turkish or English, and could present research results on both/either theoretical or practical issues.

The symposium which is organized by Hacettepe University is supported by the “Journal of Teacher Education and Educators as well.

All presented papers will be included in the proceeding book of International Symposium, New Issues on Teacher Education.

In addition selected papers will be invited to be submitted to be processed for publication in the following journals

  • Hacettepe University Journal of Education/Hacettepe Üniversitesi, Eğitim Fakültesi Dergisi ( (Indexed in SSCI) and
  • Journal of Teacher Education and Educators (JTEE) /Öğretmen Eğitimi ve Eğitimcileri Dergisi(ÖEED) (

General announcements regarding symposium and information about for sending abstracts will be made available at “Announcements” section of the web site at

For your questions please send a message to


Rector  Dean V.
Prof. A. Murat Tuncer  Prof. Ayşe KIRAN
Hacettepe University  Faculty of Education
   Hacettepe University